Bartu 500


Different purpose of waste mineral oils have been gathered in one storage bin in most of plants. Depending on the usability, this waste oil has been sent back to the system. Once the oil can not be used again, it has been taken out of the plant for destruction purpose. During this process, the following damages happen;

1- Work stations have been deformed.

2- The outputs will be defective.

During the processing stage, the oil has not lost all its characteristic. Although test results show us this ratio is about 10%, general structure to be damaged and using this oil is not a good conduct in terms of quality sustainability.

On the other hand, it is possible to decompose the waste oil in a good manner. For this reason,our BARTU 500 model has high retrieval ratio. In this position;

1- The cost of oil used in manufacturing has been decreased

2- The usage rate of emulsion has been decreased, thus less amount of oil has been used in emulsion.

3- Oil storage period has been increased.

4- The deformation of work stations have been decreased.

5- The quality of output has been increased and have been sustained.

6- The cost of destruction of waste oil has been decreased.

When the work system of BARTU Decomposing Machine Series examined, it will be more clear the reasons of the above advantages.




1= DOSAGE PUMP: It transfers the waste oil between storage bin and the machine at a certain flow rate. It works automatically and;

a) It avoids unnecessary accumulation.

b) It decreases work lost that happenes during the cleaning the machine from waste oil.

2= SETTLING BASIN: It is unit that the preliminary of waste oil that stored in storage bin. The waste oil has been prepared for the cleaning process at this unit. The system is based on gradual lowering of flow. Thus;

a) The solid substances called rough sludge has been pericipitated in this unit.

b) The waste oil has been let rest, and to be prepared for the process.

c) It decreases the rate of breeding of microbial or bacterial population.

3= DOSAGE MAGNETIC: Two units are available.

a) It allows conditioning dosage of flow.

b) It allows to get distilled water for the needs of plant from the oil-water mix.

4= PREPARATION TANK : It is a multifunctional tank.

a) It seperates the mini particules by its filtration feature.

b) It stables the viscosity of mixed waste oil by its thermic conditioner.

c) It cools the distilled water and the main oil in the mix by its cooler feature.

d) It regulates the filtration process it self, it does not need any extra filter costs.

5= STABILIZER : It allows consistent work flow by switching between continuous system and bypass system.

6= FILTER : It allows to be decomposed of microbial/bacterial layers from the oil.

7= FLOW REGULATOR : It allows stability of fluidity. It prevents the pressure changes or it prevents the fluidity change in different pressure environment by sense of serum.

8= REACTOR: It seperates the phases by special oscillation and thermic transaction. As a result of this;

a) It allows to be seperated of different oils .

b) It allows to protect the quality of oil by stabilizing the features.

9= DISTILLATION: It generates qualified distilled water. This process;

a) It allows to be stabilized the water ratio in emulsion at a required level.

b) It allows to transform the excess amount of water into distilled water. By this way, the emulsion will be more qualified.

c) The hardness and conductivity of water to be very low and this allows to reduce the oil consumption.

d) It ensures the functions of oil more.

e) It minimizes the corrosion.

f) It prevents increment of bacteria and micro organisms.

10= FLUIDITY PROVIDERS : It allows the fluidity of concentrated oil and distilled water at a certain thermo environment.

11= OIL RESERVE TANK: It collects the oil and reserves.

12= TROMP: It allows the oil to be decomposed by viscosity difference and density difference.

13= OIL TANKS: It allows to collect the oil and let rest.

14= COLLECTOR It is the unit that dispatches the seperated products into related storage areas. In this unit ; It is provided to transfer of each Boron Liquid, Hydrolic Oil, Slideway Oil, Distilled Water, the mix of oil-water that contains micro metal particules and filtrated sludge into different storage areas by these collectors.

15= PROGRAMSETTER : It allows to regulate electrical and electronical work flow of the system. The system works automatically and It only needs power. It does not need water, air, chemicals, filters, labors or any other materials.




OTHER MODELS : BARTU 100 (100 LITERS / DAY), BARTU 200 (200 LITERS / DAY), BARTU 300 (300 LITERS / DAY),  and BARTU 1000 (1000 LITERS / DAY)

CAPACITY : 500 Liters / Day



WORK MANNER : Continuous

MACHINE REQUIREMENT : Only electric power.